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New to Free Samples Hub? Welcome aboard and thanks for stopping by!

First a little bit about this blog…


At Free Samples Hub we find and list the best free samples , freebies, coupons, deals and giveaways available on the net. These free product samples give you a chance to try out various products at no cost. Even S&H is free.

How to order your free samples:

When you are on the homepage, or any of the categories or the archives pages of this blog, click on any of the offers listed on that page.


You will be taken to the page where the details about that particular offer / sample / freebie are listed. Most importantly, on this page you will find a link to the website which is ACTUALLY offering the freebie / free sample.

Read carefully the instructions listed in the post and then click on the link, usually towards the end of the post, to go to the offer page. Most of the times the link will say “fill out the form”, “follow the steps”, “print out this coupon” or something like that.


When you click on the link in the post, you’ll be taken to a third party website, where you can actually order your free sample or freebie.

Once there, simply follow the instructions listed on that page. Most of the time, they’ll only ask you to submit your name, email address and your physical mailing info so that they can send the free sample / freebie to you. Simply fill out your info and submit the form.


That’s it! Now wait for the freebie / free sample to show up on your door steps. It usually takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks for the freebies / samples to arrive. Make sure to read the fine print on the offer pages for delivery time and other details.

Things you need to consider:

We spend a great deal of time removing links to dead offers so that you do not waste your time visiting the samples and freebies offers which are no longer working.

BUT REMEMBER, free samples come and go fast! If you don’t want to miss out on latest samples, make sure to follow us on your favorite social media site/s to get instant alerts as soon as new samples become available.

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